Supreme ProX Gel Earpads (Compatible with all Sordin ear pro)


These upgraded ear cushions are filled with soft silicone gel that makes them extremely comfortable for extended use.  The gel pads conform perfectly around eye protection for an improved acoustic seal and comfort over standard sponge-based ear cushions.

Easy to replace: Simply snap out the original ear pads by hooking your fingers underneath them near the center, and snap the gels in their place. Here’s a great video explaining the replacement technique.

In stock



CTO’s own Sordin-compatible replaceable sealing gel rings that fit all Sordin Supreme Pro and Pro-X models. The cushions are filled with soft gel that makes them extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods. The improved audio seal conforms around eye protection.

Why did we make our own? Truthfully, no other reason than to keep your price down. The quality is top-of-the-line and they’re made in the same facility as the OEM-branded ones, but we can offer these ones for about half the price.