The Original Beaver™ Insane-Throw Flashight: Hoghead Package


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A package designed by and for the rail engineers keeping our national infrastructure on the tracks and moving forward full steam ahead.

One BeaverBlaster flashlight (programmed quad-click 1%, 10%, 35%, 100%) bundled with a USB charger, two high-intensity batteries, one adjustable hardhat light mount, and a waterproof storage tube for your backup battery. Comes with a spare pocket clip so you can EDC your light off-shift.

The Beaver™ was designed to pack as much punch as possible in a comfortably pocketable size. At 0.9″ wide and 4.75″ long, it’s about the same size as two rolls of quarters end-to-end. The weight is a modest 4.25oz (about the same weight as one D-cell battery or a deck of cards). The output is ~1100 lumens with a brain-busting ~40,000 candela. It will run at 100% juice for about 85 minutes. And the battery is rechargeable up to 500 times with no loss of performance, and just one of our batteries will save you around $1000 in disposable batteries over its useful life.

Be sure to check out the beamshots and product videos here, and a ton more FAQ’s here.

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100% only (best for nighttime and defensive use), Lo-Med-Hi (best for EDC use), Hi-Lo-Strobe (for tactical use only)


Complete Package (with battery and charger), Just the light (no battery or charger)


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